10 Reasons Why do people hate Shutter Island (Yes, Many People Hate It!)

10 Reasons Why do people hate Shutter Island (Yes, Many People Hate It!)
Why do people hate Shutter Island, What really happens in shutter island has been told in this article

Shutter Island is one of the best thriller movies of all time. This is a suspense thriller revolving around two police officer investigating a mental hospital where the 67th patient has been missing. 

What really happens in Shutter Island?

Shutter Island is not a normal movie. People need some explanation to know what happened in shutter island. This is because Shutter Island is so confusing that even if you are a pro-decoder of movies, it will keep you confused.

After watching shutter island the first question that comes in mind is- What was that! You will really not be able to sleep if you watch this movie at night.
Almost all who watch shutter island get confused about what really happens in Shutter Island and today I am going to answer this question.

In shutter Island movie, Leonardo Dicaprio has played the role of a police officer who is investigating a mental hospital. A patient of the mental hospital is missing and he is going to search the 67th patient.

10 Reasons Why Do People Hate Shutter Island!

Shutter Island is no doubt very interesting movie, but people hate it and there are some good reasons why people hate it.

Here are the top 10 reasons why people hate the movie Shutter Island:
  1. Confusion- Some people love to watch movies with a factor of thrill and suspense, but other people watch movies only to have fun! And this is a movie where there is confusion everywhere! That’s why many people hate it.
  2. Remember Things- If you have watched this movie, you must be aware that you need to remember the scenes of this movie to figure out what is happening in this movie.
    One can remember one or two scenes, but remembering all scenes without knowing even if the scene is real or not is, umm, tough!
  3. Post-movie shock- Almost everyone who watched this movie must have faced this-‘You are in shock after watching this movie’. This thing becomes a torcher for many people and that’s why they hate this movie.
  4. You Get Headache- If you really want to know what happened in this movie, then you can’t do that without having a headache. This is another reason why people hate Leonardo DiCaprio starter Shutter Island.
  5. You Have To Watch This Movie Twice- This movie is so confusing that nobody can decode this by themselves watching for the first time. To get this whole movie y yourself, you feed to watch this movie at least twice. ( Or even more than twice if you are new in this decoding field)
  6. You are Not Sure What You Are Watching Is Real Or Not- This movie is like this. It is a psychological drama and so you can’t be sure which is the real scene from this movie and which scene has been fantasised by the character. This can be irritating for some people as many people love to watch simple movies.
  7. Sad Ending- After all the confusion and the headache, you come to know the ending is sad. This is really hurting, and I personally didn’t like the ending of this movie. No wonder, not many people like this ending and so, they hate this movie too.
  8. Confused Ending- The ending is not only, sad, it is also confusing! I had to watch the ending 3-4 times and still I was confused about what the meaning of the ending is.
  9. You Need To Watch Explanation Videos To Understand It Fully- I will not lie, I am a thriller lover and I also needed explanation videos to understand what is the real story of this movie. For many people, first watching this movie and then watching many explanation videos (you will not be satisfied by one video!) can be torturous and can be a reason why they don’t like this movie.
  10. Whole Movie is Revolving Around A Madhouse- This movie is about a psychic person, so this movie has been filmed around a madhouse. In this movie, you will encounter mad persons everywhere which can be tough for some people.
    I was also taken aback after watching some of the disturbed people. They seem horrifying the way this movie presents them.

Not Everyone Hates This Movie!

I have given many reasons why people hate this movie. But this is the case only with a limited number of people. Most of the people love this movie and this is one of the best Hollywood thriller movies.
It also got a rating of 8.2 out of 10 on IMDb which is a very good rating. Critics also appreciated the concept of this movie. 
It was made only with 6.5 crores USD, but it bagged more than 30 Crores USD making it a very successful movie. It also won 11 awards and was nominated for 65 awards!

Final Words

You love this movie or hate this movie completely depends upon your taste for movies. If you are a thriller love, you will love every part of this movie because it is filled with thrill and suspense. 
But, if you are not, you will not like this movie. But there is no doubt, this is a well-made movie. You like this movie or not? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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