60+ Hot Bhojpuri Heroine Name List With Photo

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Here are the Bhojpuri heroine (Bhojpuri heroen) photos with name and list.


Hot Bhojpuri Actress Name and Photo

Here you will get Bhojpuri Heroine Ka Png Photo along with Bhojpuri Heroine Png. These Bhojpuri Heroine Pic are provided with the Bhojpuri Heroine Ka Photo Name to make it easier for you to understand and recognise them. Bhojpuri Heroine Image Download can be done from here as all images are free of copyright. You can use these images as the wallpaper of your phone or desktop.

Now that era is gone when the film became a hit due to the action scenes of the hero and nobody knew the heroine. Now the heroines of Bhojpuri films are making their own identity. Many heroines such as Shweta Tiwari have gone to Bollywood. 
And recently, Bhojpuri heroine Monalisa made her own identity by appearing in Bigg Boss and Hindi serial. But even today there are many Bhojpuri heroines that no one knows. Bhojpuriya Dhamaal has brought for you today the names and pictures of 60+ Bhojpuri actress of Bhojpuri film industry who are the life of Bhojpuri industry.
Bhojpuriya Dhamaal has been getting request for many days that people want photos of Bhojpuri heroine, so Bhojpuria Dhamaal has brought for you Bhojpuri actress photos.

Hot Bhojpuri Actress Name List with Photo

  • Shubhi Shrama




bhojpuri actress kajal raghwani
  • Rani Chatterjee 
bhojpuri actress rani chatarjee
akshara singh actress


  • Priyanka Pandit
priyanka pandit bhojpuri image
  • Gunjan Pant
gunjan pant actress

  • Kavya Singh
bbhojpuri hot actress kavya singh
  • Mohini Ghosh
bhojpuri hot heroine mohini ghosh
  • Nisha Dubey
bhojpuri image hd nisha dubey
  • Tanushree Chatterjee
60+ Bhojpuri Actress Name and Photo
  • Sanchita Banerjee
  • Mani Bhattacharya
  • Chandni Singh
  • Yashika Kapoor
  • Nidhi Jha
  • Kajal Yadav
  • Poonam Dubey
  • Anchal Soni
bhojpuri actress name list wiki anchal soni

  • Priya Sharma
bhojpuri heroine hd wallpaper priya sharma
  • Pakhi Hedge
  • Smriti Sinha
bhojpuri heroine photo hd smriti sinha
  • Madhu Sharma
  • Seema Singh
  • Rinku Ghosh
  • Sambhavna Seth
  • Priti Dhyani
  • Rani
actress rani


  • Sona Batra
bhojpuri actress sona batra
  • Glory Mohanta
  • Shyamli Shrivastava
bhojpuri actress shyamali srivastava
  • Lovy Rohtangi
bhojpuri actress lovy rohtangi
  • Yamini Singh
bhojpuri actress yamini singh


  • Shweta Verma
bhojpuri actress sweta sharma
  • Dimple Singh
bhojpuri actress dimple singh
  • Sneh Upadhyay
Sneh Upadhyay
  • Actress Zeel
bhojpuri actress zeel


  • Shahar Afsa
bhojpuri actress afsana
  • Shivika Diwan
bhojpuri actress shivika diwan


  • Neetika Jaiswal
bhojpuri actress neetika jaiswal
  • Sonalika Prasad
bhojpuri actress sonalika jaiswal
  • Sona Singh
bhojpuri actress sona singh
  • Aakanksha Awasthi
bhojpuri actress aakanksha awasthi
  • Gunjan Kapoor
  • Neetika Jaiswal
  • Anara Gupta
  • Sweety Chhaabra
bhojpuri actress sweety chhabra
  • Neha Shree

bhojpuri heroine image of neha shree

Here we provided a complete list of Bhojpuri actress name list with the photo. We tried to make this as a name list of Bhojpuri heroine with photo. We hope you liked our effort. We will bring more good content for you. 
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17 thoughts on “60+ Hot Bhojpuri Heroine Name List With Photo”

  1. Monalisa is very popular bhojpuri actress of Bhojpuri Film Industry. She has done many films like Gharwali Bharawali which were super hit films. She gains immense popularity with the show big boss and then she played role of a villain in Star Plus serial Nazar. She also married in the big boss house which gained a lot of TRP. She is one of the highest paid actress of Bhojpuri industry. She married to Vikrat Singh Rajput and she recently celebrated her 3rd anniversary. You can know more about her

  2. One more super star singer is Awdhesh Singh. Awadhesh Premi is a Bhojpuri singer along with a Bhojpuri actor. He was born on 8th September 1998. He was born in Motihari, Bihar which is also known as hub of bhojpuri language. The Bhojpuri language is spoken most in this region. Awdhesh Premi ke gana video is very much liked by audience. The recent video of Awdhesh Premi's bhojpuri Gana KEHU AUR KE BAANI FILHAL was a super hit song that was viewed by millions of people.

  3. Nirahua Hindustani is a superhit Bhojpuri Film. It made Dinesh Lal a superstar. Till now four parts of Nirahua Hindustani has been released and all are superhit Films. Nirahua has written a golden chapter in the history of bhojpuri Film Industry with these Super Hit Films. He has done this film with Amrapali Dube. This couple is very popular.

  4. पवन सिंह ने राखी सावंत को जबदस्ती किस किया। यह उस दौरान हुआ जब एक पार्टी में दोनों साथ साथ थे। सब कुछ सही चल रहा था और दोनों साथ में खड़े थे। दोनों ने साथ में तस्वीरें भी खींचवाई। फिर अचानक से पता नहीं पवन सिंह को क्या हुआ उन्होंने राखी सावंत को अपनी तरफ खींचा और किस करने लगे। राखी सावंत भौचक रह गई और अचानक से उन्होंने पवन सिंह को धक्का दे दिया।

  5. खेसारी लाल यादव (सत्रुघन यादव ; जन्म १९८६ रसूलपुर चट्टी, छपरा, बिहार) भारत के प्रसिद्ध भोजपुरी गायक और अभिनेता हैं। खेसारी को पहली सफलता अपने भोजपुरी एल्बम 'माल भेटाई मेला' से मिली। २०१२ में आई अपनी पहली फिल्म 'साजन चले ससुराल' से वो रातो रात भोजपुरी फिल्म जगत के सितारे बन गए। अपनी गायकी में वे अपनी ठेठ देहाती भाषा का उपयोग करते हैं।

  6. Everyone knows Dinesh Lal Yadav as Nirahua in bhojpuri Film Industry. The film Nirahua Hindustani was so popular that it changed whole life of Dinesh Lal. Till now, three parts of the Film has been released and all were super hit. To know the secrets of Dinesh Lal, here

  7. One of the super hit movies of bhojpuri is Gharwali Baharwali. It is an evergreen movie that's why people love to watch it even today. Popular heroine Monalisa is in hot Avatar here and has played a superb role. The movie overall is family drama. Click here to watch full movie in HD.

  8. Rakhi Sawant always remains in news. She is in news this time because of her rumours of marriage. It has been claimed that she has married to an NRI. But she recently posted some pictures which gave fire to this rumour. She posted the pictures from her honeymoon too. Click here for her latest pictures.

  9. MONALISA HOT PHOTO | नहाते हुए मोनालीसा कि तस्वीरें हुई वायरल, यहॉं देखें|KHESARI LAL WIFE | लड़कियों के चहेते खेसारी लाल कि बीवी ऐसी दिखती हैं, देखें तस्वीरें

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  11. MONALISA HOT PHOTO | नहाते हुए मोनालीसा कि तस्वीरें हुई वायरल, यहॉं देखें|KHESARI LAL WIFE | लड़कियों के चहेते खेसारी लाल कि बीवी ऐसी दिखती हैं, देखें तस्वीरें

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