Actress Names Revealed: 1990s Bollywood Actress’s Names Starting From K And Famous Bollywood Actress’s Name Starting From K

Here is the list of the names of popular Bollywood actresses of 1990s whose name starts from K. We are also providing the names of the actresses who are very popular in today’s times and their names start from D.


Since the time from when Sushant Singh Rajput has died, there has been a series of sting operations done by various channels which brought up the names of many actors and actresses. This became a big B-town news and everyone is shocked with the names like Shraddha Kapoor (who did the famous movie Chhichhore with SSR) and Sara Ali Khan coming out.
More names of actors and politicians await to come out as sting operations are being done by various channels. In this post, we will tell the names of the Bollywood actresses starting from D who was famous in the 1990s and famous Bollywood actress names starting from K. 
But first of all, we must know why people want to know the names of these actresses.

Why Actresses With Names Starting From K And D Are Being Popular?

As we told you earlier in this article, many channels have done sting operations and one of these channels named- R. Bharat did a sting operation in which it found the chat of two very famous Bollywood actress- one, who is 1990s famous Bollywood actress name starting from K and another bollywood actress name starting with K.

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Since then, people want to know the names of these actresses. We are going to reveal the names of these actresses, but we want you to remember that these are the probable names of the actresses and it is not meant to be the final conclusion. The real names of these actresses who are involved in this drug-chat will be known only after the channel reveals their names.

1990s Famous Bollywood Actress Name start with K

Here is the list of the popular actresses of the Bollywood whose name start from K and belong to 1990s:
  • Kareena Kapoor
1990s Bollywood actress name starting from K

The first name in this list is Kareena Kapoor Khan. She was a very famous actress in 1990s and she is also very famous now. People love her acting from movies like Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge and Ashoka. 

She becomes more eligible to be here as the name of her step-daughter, Sara Ali Khan has come in this case now.
  • Karishma Kapoor
1990s Bollywood actress name starting from K

Karishma Kapoor is the elder sister of Kareena Kapoor and her name is the second name in this case. She was also very popular in 1990s and she did some of the super hit movies of that time. People used to love her and her movies.

Her name becomes obvious here as her name also starts from K and she is not as much popular now as she was in 1990s. It must be remembered that R Bharat mentioned that the actress was very popular in 1990s.
  • Kajol
1990s Bollywood actress name starting from K

With the popular movie- Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge which people watch till now, Kajol is one of the most popular actresses of 1990s. So, it becomes so obvious to have her name here.

When we started our research, these are the only actresses that we could find who fulfil all of the following criteria given by R. Bharat.

Criteria Given By R. Bharat

There are thousands of actresses who are from 1990s and whose names start from K. But, not all of them can be named here because of the criteria set by the channel R. Bharat. We are going to tell you about the criteria that are given by R. Bharat which forced us to chose these specific actresses only.
  • The actress should belong to 1990s

As told by R. Bharat, the accused actress whose chat has been found was active in the 1990s. This excludes all the other actresses like Kangana Ranaut who is still active in the Bollywood industry. So, her name cannot be taken here despite the fact that her name starts from K.

  • The actress should be very popular in the 1990s
Another criteria put by the channel is that the actress should be very popular in the 1990s. As you know there were many struggling actresses in 1990s whose name started from K. But, this is not just any actress whose name starts from K, she is the one who was famous in the 1990s.
You can see from our list, that the names of the actresses included in this post are the actresses who fulfil all these criteria. There is one more criteria that R Bharat provides and it becomes very important to mention it because it may make it very clear who is the real person behind those chats.
  • The Family Of The Actress Must Be Very Popular
As you can see, the third criteria is very important as it tells that the actress should belong to a very popular family. All three persons included in our list have a good, popular family. These are the people whose family had a great connection with Bollywood.
In the next part of these articles, we are going to how the families of these actresses were popular in past and had a good Bollywood connection.

Bollywood Connections Of These Actresses

Here is the Bollywood connection of these actresses of 1990s whose names start from K. It becomes so obvious why these actresses got movies so easily and that too in a very early stage.

Bollywood Connection Of Kapoor Sisters

There is old Bollywood connection of the Kapoor Sisters. Father and Grandfather of Kareena and Karishma Kapoor were in movies and all of them were very popular.

Bollywood Connection Of Kajol

Kajol also belongs to a family whose Bollywood connection was very strong. Father of Kajol was a very good friend of father of Karan Johar. This is why Kajol and Karan Johar are very good friends.

Bollywood Actress Name Starting From D

We did a lot of research and there is only one actress that fulfills the criteria of R Bharat. But first of all, we must look into what is the criteria of R Bharat.
The channel told the people that the actress is a very popular actress of recent times. It also told that the actress is married and her husband is also very famous. There is only one such actress.
  • Deepika Padukone
Bollywood actress names starting from D
This may sound shocking to many people but this is true. Deepika Padukone is very famous actress and her husband Ranveer Singh is also very popular in Bollywood. He has worked in very famous movies like Padmaavat, Ram Leela, Gully Boy, etc.

What Was Found In The Chat?

The chat that has been revealed by the channel tells that some illegal drug activity was going between these actresses. This news becomes so important because these are one of the most popular actresses of Bollwood and it may be possible that in recent times that more names will be revealed.


These were the names of actresses starting from D and starting from K. This is not confirmed and we have only guessed the names of the actresses. The final names are yet to come.

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