Amitabh: Mashoor hone ka shauk nahi mujhe

Amitabh Bachchan enjoys a huge fan following and the megastar never disappoints when it comes to keeping them updated about his day-to-day activities. The actor is an avid social media user and stays in touch with his fans through regular posts on various platforms.

Now this time when he met his fans, this was different because he was meeting them after so lone. This is when he said some lines and fans are loving his lines. These are the lines said by him.


‘ मशहूर होने का शौक़ नहीं मुझे ; आप मुझे पहचानते हैं बस इतना काफ़ी है ‘ ~
HRB, पूज्य बाबूजी

The meaning of these lines is – ‘I don’t want to be famous. You know me, this is enough’.

For almost 3 decades, he is the king of Bollywood and people love him as much as they respect 

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