Anushka Sharma Donates More Funds Than Her Target!

In these tough times, everyone is doing their best on their levels. Actors are also not far away from this new save India trend. Many actors and actresses have started fundraising to save people’s lives, and if not possible, they are spreading awareness among their followers with the help of social media.

People can see from the Instagram of celebrities that they are putting a lot of effort into this. The responsibility is more on them also as they are important pillars of society. With a large number of followers, they impact a large number of people in society. Anushka Sharma is also doing her best.

She started a campaign on Instagram to collect more than 7 crore rupees in her fundraiser. She is able to able more than that and recently she shared a post in which she clearly mentioned that she has achieved more than her target. She also mentioned how much she is grateful for this.

Why She Started This Campaign?

She started this campaign mainly to fund oxygen cylinders due to the critical situation in this country. With so many people suffering due to lack of oxygen, she decided to raise fund and donate oxygen cylinders to the people in need. She was promoting this fundraising programme on her Instagram and Twitter for a while before she received a donation of more than 11 crores.

She has 50 million followers in her Instagram account and the followers are increasing day by day. This fundraiser programme of Anushka Sharma was in collaboration with Ketto organisation. She also tagged act grants and Ketto organisation in her post. Ketto India is a cost-free fundraiser community in which anyone in need can go and take the service. This page has more than 1 lakh followers.

What Was In That Post?

The latest post of Anushka Sharma was a thanksgiving post for being able to raise huge amount. Here is the post:

Below this post, Anushka Sharma wrote:

Truly amazed and humbled by the spirit of solidarity that you all have shown. We are proud to announce that we have raised more than our initial target and it will go a long way to save lives. Thank you for your overwhelming support in helping the people of India. This wouldn’t be possible without you. Jai Hind.

This post received more than 4 lakh likes and thousands of comments. She also posted a couple of hashtags below this post like:
#InThisTogether #ActNow #OxygenForEveryone #TogetherWeCan #SocialForGood

Many famous celebrities such as Mouni Roy and Jacqueline Fernandez commented below this post. The comment of Jacqueline Fernandez was most spectacular as she wrote: Wowwwww amazing!!! Her reaction to this post received more than thousand likes and people also replied to her comment. Some people also criticised saying that they have more than 2000 crores and they donated only 2 crore rupees in this fundraiser.

This is not the first time that she wrote a thankgiving post on her Instagram. Before this, she has written many posts thanking the people helping in the time of crisis.

Other Posts

Here are some other posts of Anushka Sharma:

This post received more than 3 lakh likes and 5000 comments. In this caption, Anushka Sharma also mentioned the name of her husband and the famous cricketer Virat Kohli. She wrote:

We’d like to say a big thank you to all our healthcare and frontline workers, their dedication is truly inspiring. You continue to risk your lives for the nation, and for that, we are eternally grateful to you. You are the real heroes, for Virat and I, and for the nation. Thank you once again. – Anushka Sharma

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