Beautiful Gown Of Monalisa That Made People Mad!

Monalisa is a very popular Bhojpuri actress of Bhojpuri Film Industry. She has done many films like Gharwali Bharawali which were super hit films. 
She gains immense popularity with the show big boss and then she played the role of a villain in Star Plus serial Nazar. She also married in the big boss house which gained a lot of TRP. She is one of the highest-paid actresses of the Bhojpuri industry. She married to Vikrant Singh Rajput and she recently celebrated her 3rd anniversary.


Who does not know the Bhojpuri films superstar Monalisa? Many super hit movies and songs are named after her. Recently she appeared on Bigg Boss and after that she appeared in Star Plus’ popular serial Nazar. 


monalisa gown


It was in Bigg Boss that he married Vikrant Singh Rajput, due to which the Boss season of Bigg Boss was quite a hit. Monalisa is always in the news for some reason, this time she is in the news because of her beautiful gown.


Why The Gown Is In News?

His recently shot video has created a rush everywhere. In this video, she can be seen in a beautiful blue coloured gown. In this video, she danced wearing a gown. Fans are getting crazy by watching this video and this video is being seen again and again. In just a few days, this video has become so viral that millions of people have seen it.

Pictures Of Monalisa In The Viral Gown

Here are the pictures of Monalisa wearing that viral gown:


monalisa in gown


monalisa in gown


monalisa in gown

Reaction Of Stars Over The Gown

Not only fans, but the crazy celebrities of this gown are also becoming very popular. As soon as Hona took her picture, her co-star Joe was eyeing her in the serial. He wrote in the comment ‘Very pretty’ i.e. ‘Very beautiful‘ and Monalisa responded by sending emoji with ‘heart’.

Who Designed This Viral Gown?

This gown is designed very beautifully and it shines. It has been designed Jiya by Veer Designs. Also Monalisa has been completely styled by Sneha Sharma.


Here is the viral video of Monalisa in the gown.



Monalisa is loved by everyone. She is one of the most beautiful actresses of Bhojpuri. She has always proved herself with the movies like Raja Babu and Gharwali Baharwali. She has posted this picture on her Instagram account. She travels a lot and keeps posting videos and photos to entertain her fans.

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