Best Ganesh Chaturthi Mantra To Bring Money At Home

If you want to bring happiness and prosperity at home, then Ganesh Chaturthi is the best opportunity to do so. Here, you will know the best mantras that will bring happiness and prosperity in your life.

Why is Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated?

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated every year to mark the new beginning and the birth of Lord Ganesha from afresh. The festival falls in the month of Bhadra according to the Hindu calendar and in August / September according to the Gregorian calendar. This year, the ten-day ceremony will begin on 22 August. Lord Ganesha is considered a symbol of knowledge, writing, travel, commerce and good fortune. He is also addressed as Gajanan, Ganesh, Gajadant who is one of his 108 names.

History of Ganesh Chaturthi

The goddess tells the story of Parvati who made the child Ganesha using sandalwood paste and asked her to guard the entrance while taking her bath. When Lord Shiva wanted to enter, even Ganesha did not allow him to pass through there.

Enraged, Lord Shiva beheaded the child. When Goddess Parvati realized what had happened, she was overwhelmed and shocked. This is when Lord Shiva promised that he would bring the baby Ganesha back to life. He instructed his followers (ganas) to search for the head of the first living creature that they could replace on Ganesha’s body.

However, Gan could only find the head of the baby elephant. In this way Lord Ganesha came back to life with an elephant’s head. Lord Shiva named him the leader or leader of the Ganas.

How people celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi?

The excitement for this 10-day festival begins before Ganesh Chaturthi, with many people making and painting clay idols of Lord Ganesha. There is greater consciousness in terms of biological alternatives to the Ganapati idol, as erstwhile methods have been found to profoundly affect marine life and pollute the environment.

How to get benefit of Ganesh Chaturthi?

By saying some mantras on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi, you can also get the benefit of this day. The vibration of your mantra brings changes in your surroundings and brings positivity and happiness.

There are different mantras for different things. Some special mantras, when you chant them wholeheartedly on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, may bring happiness and prosperity in your life.

Mantra to bring happiness and prosperity in your life

These are the mantras to bring happiness and prosperity in your life:

Praternamami chaturananavandyamachinchakulamakhilam vardan daadanam. Taan Tundilam Dwirasanadhipayagyasutram sons Vilasachaturam Shivayo: Shivaay. Pratabhajamyabhayandam khalu bhaktashokdavanalam ganavibhumvarakunjarasyam. Ignorance

To get the full benefit of this mantra, chant this three times in front of Lord Sugarcane.

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