Deepika Padukone Starts Mental Health Helplines

Everyone knows that a few years ago Deepika Padukone suffered from depression for a long time. She had many good films in her hand, and she used to laugh in front of everyone, but still, she was in trouble internally. After she got help from counsellors, then she got better. She was very vocal about mental health from that time and she even started speaking about various mental health.

But now, when the situations are tough, people are not allowed to go outside; people are facing mental health more than ever. Seeing this, she started her mental health helpline also. She posted a post on Instagram in which she gave the information about verified mental health helplines. This is very useful for people who are going through tough times in this pandemic.

Why Deepika Padukone Started This?

Few years ago, Deepika was in depression for long time. This not only affected her carrier but also her relationships. And, a person who has suffered from depression himself/herself knows best about this. After her depression, she understoon the pain that people go through and how mental health has affected people.

This forced her to open her organisation named Live Love laugh through which she helps people with mental health. This organisation was not so much active at first but it recently became very active when Deepika noticed that people with mental health problems are incrasing.

What is The Work Of Live Love Laugh?

You may think that this is some helpline, but this is not. Contrary to the popular belief, this website simply generates awareness about Depression, mental stress and anxiety. If you think that depression is simply sadness or mood swings, you are wrong. You will come to know about many Mythbusters of Depression which will help you to recognise your behaviours in a better way.

Not only this, it has detailed list of signs and symtoms which help other people. But this is the first time that Deepika has posted about the helpline numbers on her instagram. You must know that, Deepika Padukone has more that 55 followers on Instagram. Recently, she deleted all the pictures of her Instagram and started her new journey where she shares various things like her voice chats and bran promotions.

What Was In Her Post?

Deepika Padukone shared total of 8 pictures in this post. This post contains various helpline numbers. According to deepika padukone, the numbers has been verified and all the numbers are working properly.

This post has got more than 4 lakh likes till now. She also wrote a very emotional caption with this post. She wrote

As millions of us (me and my family included) strive to stay afloat, let us not forget that our emotional well-being in this current crisis, is equally important!

Remember, You Are Not Alone

We are in this Together

And most importantly, there is hope!

Deepika Padukone

This post tells how much she is sensitive about people and their mental health.

Which Helpline Numbers Are There?

In this post she has shared:

  • Cooj Mental Health Foundation
  • Connecting Trust
  • iCall
  • Arpita Suicide Prevention HelpLine
  • Sumaitri
  • Samaritans Mumbai

One thing that is very unique about this post is its number. As everyone knows, Instagram allows only 10 pictures to be shared at a time in a post. But, the number on picture shows that there is a total of 12 pictures! She has only selected someof them and posted it here. This is also a hint that she can post more number of pictures in her future posts.

In the comment section, the official Instagram page of The Live Love Laugh Foundation has also replied with the correct number of Arpita Suicide Prevention Helpline. She has done many hit movies like Bajirao Mastaani and Chhappak.

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