Desh Premi ke Bhojpuri gana

Desh Premi ke Bhojpuri gana

Here is the list of Desh Premi Ke Bhojpuri Gana. If you love Desh Premi Ke Gana Chahie then this article is best for you. Desh Premi Bhojpuri is one of the most famous singers of Bhojpuri Industry. Desh Premi Ke Bhojpuri Gana is very famous in the whole Bihar and Jharkhand.

Awadhesh Premi is a Bhojpuri singer along with a Bhojpuri actor. He was born on 8th September 1998. He was born in Motihari, Bihar which is also known as hub of bhojpuri language. The Bhojpuri language is spoken most in this region. Awdhesh Premi ke gana video is very much liked by the audience. The recent video of Awdhesh Premi ke bhojpuri Gana was a super hit song that was viewed by millions of people. 


Awadhesh Premi Yadav is a Bhojpuri singer, as well as an actor. He was born on 8 September 1998. He is born in Motihari, Bihar, which is considered to be the stronghold of Bhojpuri language. 

Although people like his films too, the songs sung by him are very famous. Recently, his song Kehu and Ke Bani became very famous at the moment. This song is a remake of the Hindi song Kisi Aur Ki Hai Filhaal. Millions of people saw it in just 1 week.

Full Name Of Awdhesh Premi

His full name is Awadhesh Premi Yadav. She is also affectionately called Awadhesh Premi. He loves heroines like Kajal Raghawani. Every song he sings is quite a hit on YouTube and is seen by crores of people. He makes songs on demand of most people and his song is very much liked for this reason.

Songs Of Awdhesh Premi

Here is the list of Dhesh Premi Ke Bhojpuri Gana. Following is the list of his superhit songs.

  • Kehu Aur Ke Baani Filhaal | Desh Premi ke Bhojpuri gana
This is one of the most famous song by Pesh Premi. Yahan dekhiye Awdhesh Premi ke gana video.

He did not sing a song with Antara Singh. The name of this song is Kehu Aue Ke Bani Filhaal. This song became such a hit that it was seen by millions of people in just 3 weeks. The song was also trending on YouTube and people liked it a lot. This is a remake of the very famous Hindi song Kisi Aur Ka Hun Filhaal sung by Arjit Singh.

  • Sakhi Bina Bhataar Ke Man Kaise Maani
Another song by Awadhesh Premi titled Sakhi Bina Bhatar’s Mind How This song has been filmed with Awadhesh Premi Yadav and Mithu Marshall. It is also one of Awadhesh Premi’s hit songs. With this being put on YouTube, a lot of views started coming up.
Awdhesh Premi bhojpuri gano ke sartaj hain aur unka agla gaana bhi super hit raha. Kuch log toh yaha tak kahte hain ki gana chahiye to Desh Premi ke gana Chahie. Awdhesh Premi ke gana video you tube pe release hote hi hit ho jata hai. Desh Premi ke Bhojpuri gana baaki bhojpuri gaano se ek kadam aage hi hota hai.
  • Tohar Dono Indicator by Desh Premi Bhojpuri
Another hit song from Awadhesh Premi Yadav, Tohar Both Indicator came out in 2018 and was well-liked by crores of people. The song was watched over and over and it received a lot of likes. It is one of those songs that made Awadhesh Premi a big singer.
  • Dil Laagal Baa
Awadhesh Premi’s most powerful song of 2019 was from Dil Lagal Ba Hamra Driverva Se. The song received over 50 million views and was well received by people. As usual people also gave a lot of love to this video and gave a lot of likes too. Or the video was shot with a very beautiful heroine from the Bhojpuri film industry.
  • Aankh Maarelu
His next song is Aankh Mara Le Tani Tani Hans Ke. This is a very beautiful and funny song in which the heroine repeatedly winks. It is one of the most popular songs of the Awdhesh Premi.
  • Railgaariya Roz Aawe
The song of Awadhesh Premi is a very popular song from the daily, Train Train. This song is filmed on a train. During an interview, Awadhesh Premi had said that he liked it or while making the song. Singing Odia was a new experience for him.


This was the full list of all the superhit songs of Awdhesh Premi. He is super hit Bhojpuri singer and is hardworking too. In the coming times, his popularity will increase more.

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