How To Add Grammarly To Microsoft Word? Step By Step Process Explained In Detail

How To add Grammarly To Microsoft World? Get detailed step by step answer to this question in this article. 

More and more people are using Grammarly and loving it because of its simplicity and efficiency. Grammarly is also improving day by day and is giving its best, but still, there are many problems in Grammarly. One of the most important problems is its inability to work directly with Microsoft word.

There are many users of Microsoft word and they face many problems due to this. In this article, we will understand how to add Grammarly to MS Word. This is very simple and here you will get the step by step process to do this.


    Grammarly has become very popular and efficient, it has many more features than its earlier version, but still, you need to install Grammarly separately for MS Word as it does not work on it directly. The installation process is very simple and very fast. If you do it properly, you can do it within minutes.

    What Is Grammarly?

    First of all, let me tell you about Grammarly. It is one of the best tools that I have used this far. I personally love both free and premium versions of Grammarly. The free version of Grammarly is also very good, but there is no match to the premium version of Grammarly.
    It makes your life easier by auto-correcting minor mistakes and marking the major mistakes that you have done in your article. In the premium version of Grammarly, they provide features like plagiarism checker and advanced grammar corrections.
    It can be very useful for you if you are doing some office work or even if you are simply making some school or college project.

    How To Access Grammarly?

    Grammarly is available in various format according to the various devices that people use. You can use it almost everywhere. It can be used in android with the help of Grammarly app installation and it can be used in chrome by installing its extension.
    Further add ons can be installed to use it on other places like Microsoft Word.

    How To Add Grammarly To Microsoft Word?

    Here is the step by step process to add Grammarly to word. This has been made as simple as possible to make you understand and apply easily. Earlier, there was the need to copy-paste your document to Grammarly. But, now Grammarly has made this process super simple. You will learn soon why.

    Step 1: Install Grammarly On Your Desktop

    For adding Grammarly to word, first of all, you need to install Grammarly extension to your chrome. To do this simple google Grammarly for chrome and click on the first result. Alternatively, you can also click on the link below to install Grammarly directly.
    How To Add Grammerly To Microsoft Word Step By Step Process Explained In Detail

    Step 2: Sign In Or Sign up on Grammarly

    You can sign up on Grammarly with your Google, Facebook or Apple account or even with your email address and password.
    sign up on Grammarly with your Google, Facebook or Apple account

    Step 3: Fill Up Your Details

    After this, Grammarly will ask you the basic details about why you are using Grammarly and what are your needs so that it can personalise Grammarly according to this. It is one of the best features of Grammarly.
    In the last step, you need to choose Grammarly free or Grammarly premium. You can choose Grammarly premium if you need advanced features also.
    Grammarly premium plans for individual

    Step 4: Open Your Grammarly Account

    Click on the extension of Grammarly which is present on the right upper corner of chrome and the option for my Grammarly will pop up. Click on it and your Grammarly account will open.
    Open your Grammarly account to add Grammarly on MS Word

    Step 5: Click On Apps Option In Grammarly Account

    By clicking on the option of apps, many features of adding Grammarly will pop up. One of these features will be to add Grammarly to Microsoft Word.

    Simple Way To Add Grammarly To MS Word

    Step 6: Download Grammarly For Microsoft Word

    Click on install option and Grammarly add on will be downloaded on your laptop.
    Grammarly for Microsoft Office Write better, clearer Word documents and Outlook emails.

    Step 7: Install Grammarly For Microsoft Word

    After clicking on install, you will see the option of ” Welcome To Grammarly”. After clicking Get started, the installation process will start.
    install grammarly for microsoft word easily


    Step 8: Open MS Word And Enable Grammarly

    Next, you just have to open MS Word on your desktop and on the upper right corner, you will see the logo of Grammarly. Simply click on the option and enable Grammarly for Word. 

    This is the simplest way to add Grammarly to Microsoft Word. You can re-read this article, if you are unable to understand this process at one time.


    In this section, we will answer some of the commonly asked questions about ‘how to add Grammarly to word
    • Can I use Grammarly in Word?
    – Yes, this whole article was dedicated to ‘how to use Grammarly in Word‘. After reading this article properly, you will get the answer of this question.
    • How do I add Grammarly extension to Word?
    – By following the simple steps given above, you can add Grammarly extension to word.
    • How do I insert a grammar check in Word?
    – By adding Grammarly extension to word, you can do this.
    • Why is Grammarly not working in Word?
    – There can be many reasons for this, but the most common reason is that some anti-virus disable the function of Grammarly in word.
    •  Why is pro writing aid not so popular as Grammarly?
    – Pro writing aid is also a very good extension for grammar checking, but Grammarly is the best so far. There is no match to the features provided by Grammarly for free. Maybe that is the reason why Grammarly is most famous out of all Grammer checking tools.
    • Is any upcoming discount by Grammarly?
    – For now, Grammarly is not providing any discounts directly, but you can get discounts when you are paying annually or quarterly.
    •  Do scientists acknowledge Grammarly in research articles?
    – There is no clear data about scientists using Grammarly in their research articles, but there are chances that they may be using it to make their articles Grammarly correct.

    Final Words

    This was all bout “How To Add Grammarly To Microsoft Word“. We tried to explain the whole processing detail. We hope you liked this simple step by step guideline on How To Add Grammarly To Microsoft Word. If you have any doubts, you can ask them in the comments section given below.
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