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With the new easy and cheap internet rates, the trend to watch movies at 480p and 720p has also increased. Gone are the times when people used to watch movies and videos in 360 pixels. In this article, you will understand what is 480p and why are people loving 480p movies and videos so much than the older 360p version. You will also know why this quality is harmful to nature and why you should try to watch movies and videos in lower quality (like 360p or 240p).


The p used in these (360p, 480p or 720p) refers to ‘progressive‘. These are the modern video systems as opposed to old video systems. In old video systems, lines used to draw on the screen whereas in these modern progressive videos, each frame is drawn on the full screen.

These are used by modern TVs and video player systems. It increases the video quality by many folds and also reduces the disturbances that occur in old videos.

What Is 480p?

480p is a video quality just like other video qualities namely, 720p and 1080p HD. This notion has been popularised by Youtube. Nowadays, even general people use these terms. In modern video streaming facilities like youtube, pixels are common. It makes video quality much better than the old systems.

Modern TVs also use this facility. The quality differences can clearly be noticed in the video. Higher the pixels, greater is the video quality. But, higher video qualities can be harmful and these are also not affordable.

Why 480p Is So Popular?

There are many video qualities as mentioned earlier, out of these, 480p is the most popular one. In this section, you will get the answer to why this quality is most popular.

The video quality that is best for a device is based on the size of the device. For example, if someone is watching a video on a much smaller keypad phone, then the quality of 144p will be enough, but if someone is watching TV, then 1080p quality of 4k quality will be best.

But, there is a problem with this. Higher the quality of the video, higher is the amount of data consumed. For example, a one hour video in 144p will be only of 30 Mb and same video in 720p will be of more than 100 Mb. 480p videos are average quality videos. These can be played on a desktop or mobile phone and the quality is average.

Plus, it has additional advantage of consuming much less data than 720p or 1080p videos. No doubt, you will see the differences between a 480p video and 1080p video, but even then, the video is watchable and you will not regret downloading it.


In this article, you saw that what are 480p videos and how these are affordable and watchable too. This is the reason why these are so popular. Not only for people, these are good for nature too. Because if you watch high-quality videos (say in 720p or 1080p) then you are harming the environment.

According to the UK’s Royal Society research, if someone streams video in high definition, then almost eight times more radiations are transmitted to the environment. Small moves like turning the screen off when not in use can reduce the carbon emissions by 5%.

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