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How To Download Movies?

There are many ways with which people can download movies. People think that there are only illegal ways to download movies, but it is not true. There are many illegal ways for this. In this article, we are going to know about these methods.

But first of all, we will discuss why people want to download movies and then you will know about all the methods to download movies. Then you will get the step by step process to do this.

Why Movie Download?

There are many people why people like to download and watch movie rather than watching it online directly. Here is the list of reasons:

  • You will get ads while watching a show online: No matter on which site you are watching this, you will notice that you get ads. Sometimes, on the platforms like youtube, the frequency of ads is very high due to which people get irritated.
  • The show keeps buffering: Again, this is a major problem. There is not a person in this world who likes buffering, at least not when it is your favourite show. When you are watching movie online in high quality, then the show will buffer from time to time due to the internet speed which is very unstable in many parts of India.
    Here, movie download is a very good option.
  • Less data consumed– It is obvious that more data is consumed in watching a movie online than downloading it. People always want to save their internet and so prefer this option.
  • Better quality video– Since internet connection is not stable at many places, video often buffers and if you have set auto data usage, then the video will automatically go to lower quality when the internet connection is low.

Legal Ways To Download Movies

There are many legal ways to download movies. Some of these are named below:

Out of these, only NETFLIX is 100% paid website. All the rest are partially free to use and you can download movies on this after some time of its release.

How To Download?

Here is the step by step process to download movies from this website.

Step 1

movie download

Search the movie on Google and you will know on which OTT platoform that movie is avilable. The example screenshot is given below.

Step 2

Download the app or visit the official website of the OTT platform on which your movie is available. For example, here the movie raid is available for free on Hotstar.

Step 3

Login or sign up on the OTT platform.

Step 4

Search your movie on the platform and open that. Click on download. Then click on the quality in which you want to download the movie.

Step 5

Enjoy the movie! You can even download another movie while watching one. This will save you time and you can enjoy watching movies continuously.

As you looked just now, downloading a movie is very simple and you can do it easily. The only problem is that every movie will be available on different OTT platform and it will be tough for you to download or to sign up on each of these websites.

This was all about movie downloading process. If you liked this, then you can leave you feedback in the comment section below. If you have any suggestion or any idea about how can we download movies for free (legally obviously) then also you can mention in the comments. We will try to add all the legal methods in this article.

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