Mrs Serial Killer Ending Explained- Part 2 Revealed

Mrs Serial Killer Ending Explained: If you have just finished the most talked NETFLIX movie ‘Mrs serial killer‘, then you must be wondering about what happens at the end. The ending left many people in a dilemma about what happened and what will happen thereafter. Here is the full Mrs Serial Killer Ending Explanation.

There may be many questions arising in your mind right now like what happens after that, who helps the doctor in escaping from the hospital, why the doctor kills the ladies, will part 2 be released, if yes, when? and so on. Here are the explanations to all these questions.

Questions That Arise After Watching Mrs Serial Killer

Here are the general questions that arise after watching Mrs Serial Killer.

  • Who is the Lawyer and why he is involved in this crime?
  • Why Shona feels some psychological disturbances in certain scenes?
  • Why the Doctor keeps the unmatured babies in a bottle?
  • Who is the lady that helped the doctor to escape from the hospital?
  • Why many important scenes like arrangement of body by Shona has not been shown?
  • What happens after the doctor escapes?


Mrs Serial Killer Ending Explained

Here are lucid explanations of all the questions that are given about and that can arise in the mind of a person after watching this NETFLIX movie.
  • At the end, you can see that the doctor (Manoj Bajpayee) escapes from the hospital with the help of a lady and the Lawyer comes to rescue him. The Lawyer who seems to be very sick in the early part of this movies comes in a car to pick up the doctor without any tension.
This tells us that the Lawyer was telling a lie to Shona (Jacqueline) when he told her that he is extremely sick and there is some big game going on.
  • In certain scenes like in the scene when Shona was in the room with the Lawyer and the Lawyer told her about the ‘killing plan’, suddenly the furniture in the room start moving and this seems to happen every time Shona is disturbed.
This may tell that Shona is mentally unfit and she is making up things on her own and she is the real criminal.
  • The doctor keeps the unmatured babies in a bottle. In one scene, he himself gives answer to why he does so. He tells that he wants the babies to be safe from the whole world. That’s why he keeps these in bottles. This may seem insane but due to some of his past experiences, he does this. Maybe these will be revealed in its second part.
  • In the last scene, there is a lady in a black dress who brings back the doctor from the hospital. When Lawyer asks him if anybody has seen her, she replies in no.
The comfort with which the Lawyer talks with the lady tells us that he knows the lady very well. If you pay attention to one scene earlier in this movie, you will recognise who the lady was. Look at this picture.
The lady who introduces herself to be the wife of the Lawyer is the lady who helped the doctor. This indicates that this is a fully planned games. You will recognise her with a closer look.
  • You may notice that many important scenes like the arrangement of the body by Shona has not been shown in the movie but some scenes are shown in the background.


Many people think that it is just because the director didn’t shot this scene well. But there is a reason behind it. This may be connected to the mental illness that Shona faces and the explanation can be given on this in the next series.
  • What happens after the doctor escapes is last and the most important question for which people want an explanation.
This story has been left like this to give the answers in the next series. It is possible that the doctor escapes to some other place and continues killing innocent people.
This was Mrs Serial Killer ending explanation. Along with it, the explanation of other things were also given.


Mrs Serial Killer Part 2 Coming?

This is the question which is slightly tough to answer. This is because the movie has been left at such a time where the part 2 of it seems necessary. Many questions have not been answered in this film.
But, along with that people haven’t liked this film that much. Critics have also said that this is a poor film. In such a situation, it is a doubt that whether its part 2 will be released by NETFLIX.
Most chances are that its part 2 will not be released as this movie has flopped, but let us hope for the best.
There comes the end of this article with the explanation of all the questions about this movie like who was the lady who helped, what happened to the doctor, why the Lawyer helped etc. We tried our best to give the correct explanation of Mrs Serial Killer Ending.

Comment if you have any question about this movie or if your explanation to the end of this movies differs from the one given here.


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