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Pawan Singh Wiki | Pawan Singh Bio | Full Information About Pawan Singh

Pawan Singh is one of the biggest superstars of the Bhojpuri film Industry. Whole India knows him as the singer of Lollipop Laagelu. Because of this world-famous song, he is popular outside India too.


Pawan Singh (born 5 January 1986) is an Indian playback singer, film actor and media personality known for his works in Bhojpuri cinema. He was born in Ara, Bihar, India. He made his debut in the film Rangali Chunariya Tohra. 

In this article, we will know all the details about him including Pawan Singh wiki, bio, girlfriend name, wife name, etc.

Pawan Singh: Superstar In Every Field

Whether it is about singing or acting, the name of Pawan Singh come first in Bhojpuri cinema. Pawan Singh is a Bhojpuri superstar whose popularity will never end, he debuted as a singer in a Bhojpuri pop album and his first album was Odhaniya Wali which was in 1997. 

The song became a big hit but he got the real recognition from the super hit song of the country not only in Bihar, which became the most super hit song in the history of Bhojpuri. What song was Lollipop Lagelu. It was liked all over the country and with this Pawan Singh’s name was recorded in the golden pages in the history of Bhojpuri.



Awards Received By Pawan Singh

Pawan Singh was awarded the Best Singer Award at the 2016 International Bhojpuri Film Awards. Today, when it comes to the action scene of any film, Pawan Singh’s name comes first, his action and comedy scenes are very popular.

His success can be measured by the fact that his upcoming films are declared as super hits even before release. He has several awards to his credit, such as the Best Male Singer at the International Bhojpuri Film Awards 2016 and 2017. The same year he also received the Best Actor Award at the Bhojpuri Film Awards.

Pawan Singh Wife Name And Photo

No matter how big a person becomes in his life, but it is said that the storm of personal life does not leave anyone, something similar happened with Pawan Singh. 
Pawan Singh’s wife Neelam Singh allegedly committed suicide at her home on 8 March 2015. This incident happened when Pawan Singh became popular all over the country and Pawan Singh had to pay it as well. After this, Pawan Singh married Jyoti Singh in 2018.

Some Facts About Pawan Singh

Here are some of the most secret facts of the life of Pawan Singh. We don’t claim that these are 100% true, but this is all the information that we have got about him.

  • He is a Bhojpuri superstar and is the highest-paid artist.
  • Bhojpuri singer and star Pawan Singh is no stranger to introductions. He closely observed many ups and downs in his life. Pawan Singh was born on 6 March 1986 in Jokhari village of Ara district.
  • Pawan has been singing for almost 20 years and has been active in the Bhojpuri film industry for 15 years.
  • Pawan Singh was interested in songs since childhood, at the age of 11, he released his first Bhojpuri album called Odhiani Wali which was a huge hit, after which he removed many Bhojpuri albums but released in 2008 Lollipop Laagelu and his song Jab Lagavelu Jab Lipstick Hille La Ara District was a tremendous hit and made Pawan Singh a star overnight.
  • Pawan Singh has also been accused of spreading vulgarity and singing songs with double meaning, one song Sania Mirza’s Nathuniya Jan Mare La was in a lot of controversy.
  • On September 10, 2009, while hearing the petition of Prabodhini Foundation, the court ordered the FIR. The petitioner had accused three Bhojpuri singers including Pawan Singh of spreading obscenity and tarnishing the image of tennis star Sania Mirza.
  • In 2007, he ventured into the Bhojpuri film industry under the name Bhojpuri film Rangali Chunariya Tohra, but Pawan Singh came into the limelight with his strong performance in the 2009 Bhojpuri film Pratigya and the film did well at the box office, after which Pawan Singh was cast as an actor. Got recognition in
  • Pawan Singh has three brothers and is the youngest of the three brothers. His father Ramashankar Singh passed away in 2017, he was 74 years old. Pawan’s father died at Ara’s Pakdi residence and was cremated in his native village Jokhari. His wife’s name was Neelam Singh, who surrendered at her house on 8 March 2015, Pawan’s name remained in controversy.
  • After establishing yourself as an actor and singer, Pawan Singh recently entered politics and joined BJP, he describes himself as a big fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.



Here was the bio of superstar of Bhojpuri cinema Pawan Singh. He has made a completely different place of himself with his super hit songs and Films. We hope Pawan Singh will make great films in future too.

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