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Poco X2 Review: Full Details And Specification

Poco X2 Review: The brand is obviously well known due to the iconic Poco F1, but it’s been well over a year because that version was launched. Poco is currently by itself, even though it’s going to probably share many sources with Xiaomi to the near future.

The newest Poco X2 is guaranteed to be noticed, but it is not the other version of POCO F1. The Poco X2 is far more traditional and less path-breaking compared to its illustrious predecessor.


This phone is not made of plastic and is not attempting to prioritise core specifications and raw energy within everything else. Obviously people are still anticipating Poco to take the lead concerning pricing, and also to an extent, it will.

Price Prediction: The starting price of this super slim phone is only Rs. 15,999.

Beginning Of A New Era?

Can Poco put off another firestorm from the Indian marketplace, and does that indicate the launch of a new era of sin? We can not wait to begin on our inspection to discover.

While the Poco F1 (Inspection ) is unapologetically plain-looking and made from easy plastic to be able to stay cheap, Poco is looking for a different strategy here. Our Atlantis Blue unit has been milder on the top and darker heading down, but it is also possible to select Phoenix Red or Matrix Purple.

Poco X2: Full Design, Colours

There is a Poco emblem to the bottom, without a”from Xiaomi” tag such as the F1 had. The framework of this telephone matches the colour of the decrease one-third of the back panel. The major piece of design flair is that the circular patch.

Regardless of the fact that it is rather horizontal, Poco has managed to produce this patch look just like a convex mirror, and we’re marginally able to frame a selfie shot together with the back camera. The vertical strip which actually houses the four cameras sticks quite a while and contains slightly rough edges.

Poco X2 Display

Using a 6.67-inch display, this is unquestionably a massive phone. The tall 20:9 aspect ratio assists with reachability and the non-slippery back makes for an adequate grip. It is still tough to get to all areas of the screen using a thumb, however, which makes one-handed use potentially embarrassing.

Poco X2 Latest Camera Design

The broad dual-camera cutout from the display is very noticeable. Your attention will be attracted to the broad dual-camera cutout at the upper right corner of this display. As it is not too noticeable in normal usage, but undoubtedly is a diversion when viewing full-screen video.

Fingerprint Design

The power button to the proper doubles as a fingerprint detector, but it is thin and long, which is not ideal. The fingerprint registration procedure took more than normal, because the Poco X2 must make sure it could function with only a thin piece of your mic.

Left-handed users will see this positioning awkward, and you will want to enrol at least two or even three hands so that you are able to unlock the phone. The detector is flush with the side of this telephone which also meant we did not always line up our palms with it flawlessly.

Sim Tray

There is an infrared emitter on the very top, such as with many Xiaomi mobiles. Regrettably, the tray on the left side is of the hybrid so you are going to need to forfeit a second SIM should you will need a microSD card and vice versa. There is a 3.5-millimetre audio outlet, USB Type-C port speaker at the base.

Poco says it’s utilized Gorilla Glass 5 to front in addition to the back of the X2. A clear transparent case includes this phone and we are pleased to see there is no pre-applied display protector. The charger is just one of the bulkiest we have ever seen.

Final Thoughts On Poco X2 Design

Overall, it appears like Poco wanted to make a different identity to the X2 and also for itself as a new brand. We are not sure about the design options but this mobile is unique. We’d have enjoyed a neutral colour option, however.

In-Hand Experience

As we mentioned earlier, the Poco X2 shouldn’t be viewed as the successor to the Poco F1, and as this is not attempting to supply a flagship-grade SoC at mid rates. This is the identical chip that powers this mobile’s main competitor, the Realme X2. Thus we can presume that gambling and general-purpose performance will probably be strong.

We’ve got the top-end version with us for inspection and should you opt for this one, the hybrid dual-SIM tray will not be much of a problem. This can be a subtle attribute but it actually does enhance the standard of the user experience, which makes the Android UI feel responsive and smooth.

Gaming Experience

Gamers will benefit the most out of this, however, they need to explicitly encourage it rather than a lot do nevertheless. Interestingly, the plan and specifications of this Poco X2 are almost equal to those of the Redmi K30 being marketed in China.

PUBG Mobile defaulted into the High Definition. The match was enjoyable and conducted with no lag.

Asphalt 9: Legends worked really nicely. Maybe not stuttering even if we smashed headlong to other cars, which will be generally a stressful visual impact.


Xiaomi’s software plan has always been a point of controversy and today Poco has inherited the very same troubles. There is a good deal of preloaded bloatware. We watched several annoying alarms daily requesting us to get more through the business’s own GetApps shop, or see arbitrary celebrity-themed videos.

Additionally, there are promotional messages on the lock display, which you may disable. You will see advertisements and encouraged content in lots of the default programs.

Pre-installed Programms

One of the numerous preinstalled programs, you are going to locate Mi Pay and Mi Credit, Xiaomi’s programs for UPI trades. There is are obviously a few redundant Mi apps such as an internet browser, picture gallery and calendar, but others like Mi Remote, Themes, and Screen Recorder are helpful.

The GetApps shop will attempt to allow you to download more, so make sure you search for the jump’ alternative. There are lots of UI customisation choices. Not only is there currently a program drawer, but it’s tabs which filter different categories of programs for simple access.

Multi-tasking Problems

Poco X2 functionality and battery life Multitasking wasn’t an issue in any way. The only real problem we had was extending our pliers to reach all areas of the display. The telephone did not get overly hot in use, and we just felt a moderate heat when playing games using the cameras for some time.

The display is not the most vibrant or crisp, however, it’s pretty bright and engaging, and viewing angles are fantastic. We also detected a little backlight unevenness across the cutout.


The Poco X2 includes four back and 2 front cameras. The principal 64-megapixel rear camera comes with an f/1.89 aperture and utilizes the Sony IMX686 detector that succeeds the popular IMX586. The main selfie camera includes a 20-megapixel resolution and can be accompanied with a 2-megapixel thickness detector.

Poco’s camera program takes a while to become accustomed to. You’ve got to use the zoom controller to change to the front-facing camera. But moving another way to 2x plays a digital zoom as there’s no optical zoom capacity.

There is another toggle button on top to your macro camera. It is somewhat dull to swipe the style selector that has a great deal of options such as 64-megapixel, Guru, Portait, Night, Short Video, and Slow Motion.

Details Of Camera

We occasionally had difficulty getting the key camera to lock focus flawlessly. Pictures came out well exposed with vibrant colours. After the article enabled, there was quite natural-looking depth of field.

Fine details on items like flower petals came out nicely, so long as there was great all-natural light. In dark places and in the borders of daylight shots, we did begin viewing some grain.

The wide-angle camera chooses weaker quality shots, but warping in the sides is minimal. Macros were washed-out and it was often difficult to have a shot with no telephone casting a shadow onto our issues.

Night Shots

Low-light shots were relatively remarkable though of course detail isn’t as well defined as throughout the day. You’re able to acquire usable shots so long as there’s a tiny light round, whether inside or outside.

The nighttime mode does make a substantial difference and you do not need to stand too long. Employing this brightens eyeglasses and reveals details that could have been lost in the shadows.

Selfie Camera

You’re able to take portrait selfies and correct a digital aperture to change the degree of the depth effect. Edge detection is rather good also. On the other hand, the total quality of photographs taken with the front camera is not very good. Backgrounds were overblown at the daytime and specifics seemed somewhat artificial. Additionally, it takes a lot of taps and taps to disable the default option beautification.

Battery Power

We discovered that the Poco X2’s battery life to become adequate, and it can work for a complete day. Throughout this time, we used the cameras a lot. We Played a couple of rounds of PUBG Mobile, streamed about one hour of movie, also spent a while on social networking programs.

Our HD video loop evaluation conducted for 13 hours, 43 minutes, which isn’t very good.


If price is your primary motivator, then the Poco X2 is your newest obvious choice in its own section. That does not indicate that it is a clear winner within the Realme X2, however, particularly in the event that you’re able to find it at a discount, or when flash earnings make the Poco X2 hard to purchase.

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