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In this article, you will know all the about the wiki and bio of Rakhi Sakhi Sawant. You will also know about her age, boyfriend, husband, bio, height, weight and colour.


Here you will get all the information about Rakhi Sawant bio like Rakhi Sawant age, Rakhi Sawant Wiki, Rakhi Sawant boyfriend, etc. There are lots of information available on the internet about Rakhi Sawant but very less of them are factually true.

Rakhi Sawant Bio

Rakhi Sawant bio is a simple one when we talk about her childhood, but later she became very famous for her acts.
Rakhi Sawant is an Indian dancer, Hindi film and television actress, model and television show host. He was born in the name of Neeru Bheda to Jaya Bheda who was married to Sawant who was a constable in Worli Police Station.
Sawant studied at Gokilabai High School in Vile Parle and later joined Mithibai College. She is the sister of film director Rakesh Sawant and former actress Usha Sawant.

The One Who Remains In News

As such, Rakhi Sawant is always in the headlines, even she stepped into the film industry with the headlines. She first became popular when in June 2006, Mika Singh called her to her party and tried to kiss, after which she made headlines.
Speed ​​appeared a few months later and in the first season of the reality show Bigg Boss. Although she was evicted from that house in just the fourth week, but later she entered the house again by a wild card entry and this entry changed her life as she made headlines and became one of the top 4 finalists.
After this, Rakhi Sawant continued to appear in various talk shows and as a Ghost Judge or contestant.

Injuries Faced By Rakhi Sawant

She also suffered an external injury when she joined a dance battle against American female wrestler Rebal Sawant during the promotion of The Great Khali’s Continental Wrestling Entertainment in November 2018. 
She was badly injured. Later, the referee tried hard to raise her but her condition deteriorated and she could not get up. Later she was picked up with the help of some people but she was unable to walk, after which she was taken to the hospital and was treated there.

Rakhi Sawant Wiki: Controversies

Here are some of the most popular controversies of the life of Rakhi Sawant.

Marriage Controversy


There are many such controversies in the name of Rakhi Sawant, but the biggest controversy is about her marriage. In November 2018, Rakhi Sawant announced that she was marrying reality television star, Deepak Kalal, on December 2018 but later revealed that she had cancelled her marriage and Deepak Kalal was with someone else.
He had also created her own Swayamvar on television, which had become very popular, it was seen by thousands and was well-liked but later this marriage did not last.

Instagram Controversy

After this, he suddenly shared a viral video on his Instagram account and shared a lot of pictures which confirms his marriage.
According to the things that are unfolding now, Rakhi has told that she has married an NRI person named Ritesh in mid-2019 and she will move out of India with him in a few days.

Rakhi Sawant Husband

While telling about her marriage, she also says that she is very thankful that she found a good husband.

Rakhi Sawant Earnings And Net Worth


Although Rakhi Sawant has done very few films in her life, it does not mean that she has not earned wealth and fame, she has earned a lot of wealth and fame by becoming a judge and sometimes a participant in different reality shows.
One estimate shows why his entire earnings are more than $ 100,000.


Rakhi Sawant Marriage

Here is the exclusive marriage picture of Rakhi Sawant which she shared on her Instagram account.
marriage picture of Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant Boyfriend

Rakhi Sawant recently shared a lot of photos of her wedding with her boyfriend on her Instagram. In the first picture, she can be seen wearing a very bright shining white gown, along with her wearing an expensive neck necklace and matching earring. 
She is wearing Purple-coloured lipstick and eyeshadow and is holding a beautiful rose moment bouquet in their hand which is perfectly matching with their eyeshadow and lipstick. Together they are wearing red coloured bangles which look very beautiful on them.
marriage picture of Rakhi Sawant

Magical Marriage Dress Of Rakhi


In the second picture together, she is seen in a very beautiful nightdress. The colour of his new dress is ruby red. Together they hold a sister’s class in their hand and leave their hair open. Even at this time he is wearing huge bangles in his hands.
In every picture of her, she is seen with huge bangles, it shows that she is very fond of bangles. We hope that they will be very happy in their life.

Reason Why She Hid Her Husband


rakhi sawant husband name


In his next picture, he is wearing a light-coloured gown along with matching jewellery and bangles.
He holds yellow flowers in his hands and his mother and sister are standing next to him. In the picture, his mother is wearing a maroon coloured kurta, leaving her hair open. His mother and sister also look very beautiful. This whole family seems quite happy in the picture.
Significantly, she has not shared a single picture of her husband. When asked, she told that she was very scared that nothing should happen to their relationship, due to this she hid this marriage from everyone and still not showing the picture of her husband to anyone.


Rakhi Sawant Songs

Here are some of the super hit songs of Rakhi Sawant.

Navratan Tel

Rakhi Sawant goes to Sawant where it becomes a piece of news. This time she is featured in the news with her album Navratna Oil, in which she has rocked the mini lehenga. In this, she is wearing a black lehenga and pink colour blouse
She is looking very good with heavy jewellery and her dance moves are rocking separately. People are very fond of their eye make-up and their entire look. So far, over 1 million people have watched her dance video on YouTube. You can also watch and enjoy.

Final Words

Here in this article, we gave all information about Rakhi Sawant bio like

Rakhi Sawant age, Rakhi Sawant Wiki, Rakhi Sawant boyfriend, etc. We hope this article proved to be helpful to you and you liked this. Feel free to comment below for any query and suggestions.

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