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Bhaag khesari Bhaag Bhojpuri film download is the latest off-trend film of Khesari Lal. Khesari Lal is continuously doing new experiments with his films. This one is a motivational film and is very different from normal Bhojpuri romance film. Khesari Lal Bhojpuri films are taking Bhojpuri Film Industry in a new direction.

Bhaag Khesari Bhaag is the film of Khesari Lal, which is inspired by the Hindi film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. In this film, Khesari Lal has played the role of a marathon runner. This character is being liked and millions of people have watched the trailer so far. In its poster, Khesari is seen running red. It is a promotional film that people will definitely love.


Poster of this Khesari Lal film is also different than the conventional Bhojpuri movies which used to show only blood dropping from the head of the lead actor and scenes of some spicy songs.

Those who are expecting it to be a typical spicy Khesari Lal Film will certainly be disappointed by this movie, but to many, it will be a progressive film. 

The film has been given a very good rating by the critics and the people have also appreciated it very much. This is given a 4.7 rating by IMDb. Jokey has a very good rating. Usually, the rating of 4.7 is considered to be very good.


The trailer of this film is different from the trailer of other Bhojpuri Films. The trailer shows that this film goes one step up than the previous Bhojpuri films which only used to show action and romance. 
This movie is a motivational movie and the film-makers hope that people will love this movie.
The rating of IMDb also shows the level of this movie. Usually, Bhojpuri films do not get a good rating because of poor action scenes and poor movie script, but the film Bhaag Khesari Bhaag has come to show us that Bhojpuri Cinema is walking on a new path now.

Bhaag Khesari Bhaag Full Movie Cast

  • Smriti Sinha
bhaag khesari bhaag full movie download

Superhit Songs Of Movie Bhaag Khesari Bhaag

  • Biyahwa Ke Baad Milega | Bhag Khesari Bhag


The first song of the film after the marriage is a big hit and it was watched over by above 60 lakh people. The chemistry of Amrapali and Khesari is looking very good in this film and the people are liking it very much.


  • Biscuit Dubake | Bhag Khesari Bhag | Khesari Lal Yadav New Bhojpuri HD Song
The second song of the film is the most popular song of the biscuit dipped film. Smriti Sinha and Khesari have done entertainment of lakhs of people through this song. 
  • Muswe Jaisan Bolhab Ho | Khesari Lal Yadav Bhojpuri HD Song – 
The third song of the film is Musar Jaison. It is a romantic song and has entertained the audience by acting very well by Khesari Lal and Smriti Sinha. In this song, Smriti Sinha is dressed in yellow and she looks very beautiful in it. The chemistry of the two is very fond of the audience.
  • Odhni Ke Kona Mein | Bhag Khesari Bhag | Khesari Lal Yadav New Bhojpuri HD Song
The next song of the film Bhaag khesari Bhaag full movie download is in the Odhani ke kona. This song is filmed around the trees he is wearing a black salwar suit by Smriti Sinha in this song. Khesari Lal has worn a very beautiful suit that is very much on them. The whole song is filmed at the same location which looks quite beautiful. There are a lot of tree plants at this location that give comfort to the eyes.

Bhaag Khesari Bhaag Movie Download


This film is very good and the graphics are great in comparison to the old Bhojpuri Movies. But, it is still not up to the mark. Some scenes look fake which decreases the effect of the film, but Khesari Lal has balanced the film. 
As usual, he has done superb acting and you can feel the fire even off-screen. You must watch this movie.
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