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Ways To Earn Money From Telegram in 2021

If you are wondering about how to earn money from telegram then you are at the right place. Just a few months ago, it was almost impossible to think that you can even earn money from a chatting app. But now, things have changed and thousands of people are earning from apps like Telegram.

Not only telegram, people are also interested in knowing how to earn money from telegram bot and telegram group. Despite the fact that there are numerous approaches to earn money Telegram bots and channels, yet here we will just talk about the most well known and handily done strategies.

Is it Possible To Earn From Telegram?

If you want to know how to earn money from Telegram? Then we are going to introduce you to such methods in this article with which you can make a lot of money from your Telegram Channels and groups also.

Although these are quite well-known methods, due to not being able to use them properly, you are not able to earn money from your channels even if you want. Then let’s learn to use these methods properly to earn money from Telegram.

Ways To Earn Money From Telegram

There are many ways to earn money from Telegram. Many of these have been explained below.

Use Link Shortener

If you are publishing a post in which the link is available, then you can shorten those links through Link Shortner and publish them in your Telegram Channel. This will happen that when a visitor clicks on that link of yours, then he has to go through only after seeing the ads in it, near the real content, due to this the publishers or the channel owner get a lot of money.

Nowadays videos and photos of WhatsApp status, movies are in great demand, so you can do this by going to a good website and shortening the link of that video and putting it on your channel from which you can earn from every person who has downloaded the material from your link.

Look For Donations

Earn Money From donations 1

If you are a content creator, while you create content for free, then you can monetize those content by selling ads, paid subscriptions, or through donations.

In this method to earn money from Telegram, you allow your followers to either provide you with tips after each of your publications or to set up a recurring donation through Patreon.

Earn From Promotions

Earn Money From promotion

This is a very popular option, especially in many countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, where Ads are sold or sold in Telegram Channels. Now let’s know what things can be promoted on these channels and groups.

  • Promote companies and brands
  • Cross-promote other’s channels that too
  • Often, ads are sold p2p (channel admins first make a contact and then settle through an agreement), but there are also many automated ad exchanges where ads are sold.

Sell Your Products

Paid subscriptions are not the only thing that we can sell through your Telegram channel or your group. Basically, you can sell any product or service if you want. Let us understand about them through examples:

  • A freelance designer runs her own popular Telegram channel, in which she shares design tips (and also monetizes that channel by selling her gigs).
  • An education portal, he can also run an educational telegram channel through his tutorials and courses so that he can sell courses to his subscribers.
  • A toy brand can run its own Telegram channel which is related to toys (videos, reviews, unboxing, etc.) and monetize it by selling toys like running a public page in any social media, this Many varieties of options are available with marketers and brand owners.

These were the ways with which you can make money with Telegram. There are of course many more ways to earn like earn money from Google.

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