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Top 5 Ways To Earn Money From Rizzle- Short Series Entertainment App

Methods To earn money from Rizzle- Short Stories app: Rizzle short stories app is the latest app to make short videos. Just like other entertainment apps, you can earn money from this app also. You can get verified bedge on this app get famous, but are there methods to earn money which must be awarded to you after you put so much time and effort in this.


Rizzle – short series app is the latest app which can be used to earn money. There are no direct methods to earn money from this app, but there are many indirect methods to earn money. Here are 5 tips provided in this article which can be used to earn money from this entertainment app.

You will notice that all these methods are indirect and it will take time after you start earning money from this app. First of all, we will know what is Rizzle- short series, what you can do with this app and then you will know in detail how you can earn money.

What is Rizzle – Short Series App?

Rizzle – Short Series app is a short video maker app. It has been developed by Silverlap technologies and it also contains some in-app purchases for its special features. You can also get rewards after you make videos on certain topic provided by the app. If you hit the milestone traffic provided by the Rizzle app, then you can win the award.

It is an entertainment app on which you can make short videos along with a soundtrack attached to it. It contains soundtracks of the latest movies which other Videomaker apps like FunU also contain.

What Can You Do With Rizzle- Short Series Entertainment App?

Now you know that Rizzle – short series app is an entertainment app with which you can make short videos. Now, we will look into the common features of the app Rizzle:

  • You can make videos of 15-60 seconds in this app.
  • You can add the music of your choice here. The music can be of any type- pop music, classic music or contemporary music.
  • You can also do collaborations with your friends and family.
  • One unique feature of this app is that you can also ask your favourite celebrity to make videos on the soundtrack provided by you.
  • You will get option to make not only videos, but also channels on which you can start your own short-video web series.
  • Your channel may get hit after time.
  • You can make your channel on any topic that you want.
  • You can subscribe to silver and gold level membership by paying a certain amount of fees every month.

Subscription Levels Available On Rizzle – Short Series

Here are the various subscription levels available on Rizzle that you can subscribe to:

  • Silver Level– This is the first level of subscription. For this you have pay Rs 85 and you will get subscription of 3 months.
  • Gold Level– This is the second and higher level of subscription. This is available at Rs 85 per month.
  • Platinum Level- This is the highest level of subscription. For this, you have to pay Rs 250 per month.

You can only sponser premium channels to support your favourite creators.

5 Proven Ways To Earn Money From Rizzle – Short Series

Here are the 5 proven ways to earn money from Rizzle- short series app. This app can be found on play store and can be installed from there:

  1. Make videos continuously– This is the most common method to earn money from this app. You need to provide good content continuously so that your channel can grow and it can become a premium channel. After you have hit a certain number of subscribers, you can get sponsored by your users and earn money.
    There are different levels of sponsorships that you can get. On the basis of how much your users love your channel, they can pay more.
  2. Sponsor Products– If your channel makes videos in a certain category, then after your channel grows, you can also sponsor products on your channel category. The companies often pay well for these products.
  3. Sell Your Own Products- You can also sell your own products by promoting these on this app. This platform has a very good engagement rate, and this can be used for the branding and recognition of your products. This can increase your sales and you can earn good money.
  4. Take Your followers to other social media sites– Try to mobilise your followers to other social media sites. You can transfer them to directly earning social sites like YouTube or indirectly earning sites like Instagram. This will increase your reach and you will be able to endorse more products. You can also earn from YouTube ads.
  5. Transfer Followers to your website– You can also build a website and apply for Adsense on that website. After this, you can create content on your website and direct your users to your website. There are various ways by which you can monetise your websites and earn money from it.


  • Can we make videos in rizzles?
    – Yes, Rizzle is short video making app and you can make unlimited videos of 15-60 seconds for free.
  • How to accept invitation of rizzle team and other rizzlers?
    – You will have to check the notification where you will be able to find the invitation of other Rizzlers. You can accept their invitation directly from notification section.
  • Who are the Top 5 rizzlers in Rizzle from India?
    – Here are the top 5 Rizzle in India now: Ashita Dubey, Simran Behl, Arpita Mandal and Akshay Parihar.
  • Which country made Rizzle app?
    – Rizzle app is Indian app.


If you want to earn money from this app, focus on the audiance. There are many ways to earn money after you have earned certain amount of followers. Try to create great content without focusing on money first, and soon you will start earning money from Rizzle – short series app.

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