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Yugioh Sevens English Dubbed in 480p, 720p, 1080p: This is one of the most popular Japanese anime web series. It is famous worldwide and there are several alternative names of Yugioh Sevens according to the place where it is released.

All Names Of Yugioh Sevens

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENƧ
  • ゆうおう SEVENS
  • Yū☆Gi☆Ō Sebunsu

Anime Info

  • Directed By- Nobuhiro Kondo
  • Written By- Toshimitsu Takeuchi
  • Music By- Ryo Kawasaki
  • Premiere On- April 4, 2020 – present
  • Total number of seasons- 7
  • Number of Episodes- 35


Yugioh Sevens characters

Story Plot

Yuga Ohdo is a 5th grader attending Goha 7th Elementary. With his inventions called “Roads,” Yuga decides to change this world which is too cramped for kids. Yuga creates new rules for duels that let you go all out from the start. However, Yuga is unable to install the data needed for these new duels into his disk.

One day, Luke, the self-proclaimed “#1 Duelist of Goha 7th Elementary”, stops Yuga while he’s on the way to his lab, and tells him about the rumour of a “King of Duels”. What awaited the curious boys when they arrived at a major monument was a mysterious person!


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Yugioh Sevens in 720p HD English Subtitles: Episode List

Season 1: Birth of Rush Duels Arc

These are the episodes present in this season:

  • The Man Who Possesses a Demon– This is episode 1
  • Romin’s Secret
  • Farewell, Student Council President!
  • I Beg Your Noodle! Ramen Duel!
  • The Transfer Student Is an Elementary Schooler?
  • Post-Apocalypse and Napolitan
  • Wonderful Jurassic
  • A Terrifying Ghost Story Duel
  • No More Holding Back!
  • The Forbidden Ace
  • Another King

Season 2: Maximum Arc

Here are the episodes of this season:

  • Romin’s Kitchen
  • Setting Sail! Goha Fisheries Elementary
  • The Man Who Washes Duels
  • The Cat in the Garden of Providence
  • Sorry, Gett-A Chance
  • The One Who Is a Throne
  • It’s Tough Being an Adult
  • Close Encounters of the Noodle Kind
  • The Sealed Devil
  • What Lies Beyond Providence
  • Resolve
  • Dreams, Courage, and Friendship
  • Maximum Duel!

Season 3: Goha 6th Elementary Arc

  • The Luke Club Is Born!
  • Training Camp! Sushi Duel
  • Galient Digging
  • In Battle, A Tiger’s Breathing
  • Rebelli-Ant Is Mine
  • The Lady who Loved Heavy Cavalry
  • Goha 6th Elementary School
  • The Shiatsu Nether-Empire Strikes Back
  • Sound! Gohanium
  • Enlightenment ♡ Ranze Eyes
  • CrookLuke
  • Unearth Maximum!
  • Bring it Back! Mutsuba’s Pride!

Season 4: Team Battle Royal

Here is the list of episodes of this season:

  • Give Me Jam ♪
  • I’ll Yameruler the Sogetsu Style
  • Space Operations Duel Squadron
  • Opening! Team Battle Royal

This was all about the download links of all seasons of Yugioh Sevens anime series. There are many seasons in this series and you can download and watch all of these one by one. As you can see, the links given here are present in 480p, 720p and 1080p also. The download links of Yugioh Sevens are given in GDrive format to make it easy to extract files.


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